A Multi- Media Presentation by Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan

Hebrew Letter Illuminations – A Multi-Media Presentation

There is more than one way to read a book if that book contains Hebrew illuminated letters. Using images and live demonstrations we will journey into the long, inventive, expressive, humorous, exotic, figurative, and abstract history of Hebrew letter illuminations. We will find esthetic enjoyment in the artistry as wonder as we decode the allusions, metaphors, and meaning to be discovered in ketuboth, manuscripts, printed books, and synagogue walls and ceilings.

Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan is chief program officer and senior educator at Lehrhaus Judaica. Before coming to Lehrhaus Judaica, and before being a synagogue rabbi and educator, and before rabbinic school, Peretz was, from 1974, active in CAJE and alternative learning communities… like Limmud!

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