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( photo: Limmud LA 2010 )

Limmud LA in 2010 was the inspiration for Limmud Bay Area.  The Bay Area Experience is a gathering of Jews from all parts of the San Francisco Bay, from all walks of life, all Jewish backgrounds, all lifestyles, and all ages. A series of workshops, discussions, nature walks, text-study, art projects, performances and much more, in a retreat like setting – is uniquely planned, produced and enjoyed by a network of “volunticipators”.

At the center of Limmud is a key but often overlooked attribute of Jewish learning: that everyone can be a teacher and everyone must be a learner. In Hebrew, Limmud means “learning”—and that’s what it’s about. An invitation to open yourself to Jewish experiences you’ve never imagined. An opportunity to explore your connection to Jewish ideas, innovations and tradition. Meet people who share your curiosity and fundamental commitment. Relax, reflect, and celebrate.

Limmud International

Limmud Bay Area is a link in the chain of more than 70 locations worldwide in which Limmud volunteers create Limmud festivals. The movement has grown from the original weeklong Limmud UK held each December at university campus into a principled yet diverse network of Jewish communities spanning North America, South America, Israel, Western and Central Europe, Former Soviet Union, Africa, Asia and Oceania. There are 18 Limmud communities in the United States and eight in Israel.  A movement like no other, Limmud is a recognized new worldwide Jewish phenomenon!

Who is invited to the Limmud Bay Area Experience 2016?

Everyone! Singles, couples, kids, parents, students, homemakers, executives, professionals, retirees and free agents; lawyers, teachers, techies, artists, executives, doctors, poets; observant Jews and cultural Jews; Sephardic Jews, Ashkenazic Jews and non-hereditary Jews; Russian, Israeli and Latin American Jews; non-Jewish partners in Jewish families; gay Jews and straight Jews; “affiliated” and not. Folks who have been Jewishly involved their whole lives, those who are just beginning to explore their Jewish journeys – if only they saw a place to start, and those who fit in both camps simultaneously. Every denomination, including “trans” and “post”. Every generation. Did we forget anyone? We hope volunticipating friends and family will extend the invitation!
In sum, Limmud Bay Area is…

an independent, grassroots nonprofit effort dedicated to celebrating Jewish life and learning in all of its diversity by bringing together Jews of all backgrounds and all ages for a uniquely Bay Area edition of the retreat experience that has already changed Jewish history in communities around the world.

Values and Principles


We believe that everyone should be a student and anyone can be a teacher

Expanding Jewish Horizons

We strive to create experiences which will allow you to strengthen your Jewish identity.

Community and Mutual Responsibility

We strive to create community – together we can achieve more than as individuals.

Commitment to Respect

We expect our participants to act respectfully to each other, including to all volunteers. We are committed to treating all of our participants, and all sessions presented, with equal respect. No-one is more important than anyone else.

‘For the Sake of Heaven’

We do not seek to place greater or lesser value on one way of Jewish life, thinking or belief over any other.

Religious Observance

We recognize that in private areas people will behave as they choose, but we believe in the importance of enabling Shabbat and kashrut to be kept in all public areas as far as possible, so that Jews do not have to separate themselves one from another.


We believe in the importance of supporting individuals to enable them to maximize their contribution to the community.

Participation and Voluntarism

We believe that all have an important contribution to make, and that this is best done through voluntarism. Limmud is not for profit but for the benefit of the community. As far as possible, any excess resources should always be ploughed back into improving Jewish education.

Valuing Diversity

We value choice, diversity and accessibility in all our learning. We seek to have the greatest possible diversity of Jews and others on their Jewish journey to participate in Limmud activities.

Enabling Connections to be Made

We strive to create opportunities for connections across communities and individuals, by providing the space for these to happen.

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