Asks David Zvi, a Kevah Fellow: Is Prayer Only for Men Without Children?!

He doesn’t know when or how it happened, but David Zvi is a suburban dad. When he is not mowing the lawn or soldering copper pipe, he is writing…about different types of hammers. And clocks, probably. He is currently scholar-in-residence at Home Depot. Also he is writing a dissertation and running two media companies?
David will present ‘Is Prayer Only for Men Without Children?!’ For the majority of its history, Jewish liturgy has been developed by (and primarily for) single men or men whose wives were taking care of the kids. In this class, we’ll look at the relationship between prayer and children, asking whether and how it is possible to imagine a liturgy built on the assumption that the whole family is going to shul.

Posted May 17, 2017 in: Blog by larry